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In Ohio, state law permits no-fault divorces, which allows just one spouse to file irreconcilable differences between both parties. On the other hand, Ohio allows for fault divorces too, which can be based on grounds such as willful absence of the other party if over 1 year, bigamy, adultery, fraudulent contract, intense cruelty, incompatibility issues, etc. It is important to obtain a family divorce lawyer to ensure any legal aspects get covered properly and effectively.

During the court sessions, either one of the spouses can request it or the judge can simply order on his or her own that both parties attend reconcile counseling. This order gets called upon when children are involved and the divorce will not get finalized until the court hears the results of the required counseling.

If considering filing for divorce, Ohio is an equity distributing state so all marital properties will be divided between the 2 spouses. Marital properties does not include individually owned items, such as gifts, property owned before marriage, family inheritances, and even items listed in a prenuptial agreement.

Aside from that, the party filing for divorce must have resided in Ohio for at least 6 months before filing the case. Other issues that may be raised in court include alimony, child support, and even custody assignments. Depending on both parties involved in the divorce, the court case can last a long time or simply end rather quickly. Every circumstance is unique in its own way and various issues or elements often affect the case. When children are involved, it can make things even more complex and detailed, which is something you will have to endure.

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