Moving After Divorce

There are a world of things to consider when you get a divorce: children, belongings, home. It’s important to get someone who’s on your side; the right kind of divorce lawyer doesn’t just do the paperwork—they listen and help you sort out the details.

One of those details is the house you and your spouse may have owned prior to the divorce. How do you decide who gets to keep the house? Does anyone keep it? Where will you go?

Mandy’s Story

One woman was faced with the same questions when she and her husband were divorced. Mandy Walker spoke to AOL Real Estate about her situation.

She decided that it would be best for her and her teenage children to downsize from their large house to a mid-sized home. The couple agreed to sell their house, but they hit a snag when it didn’t sell easily.

Mandy found a house that fit her before the house sold, and she and her kids were delighted to move in and have all settled in comfortably. And, after leasing it for two years, they finally got a buyer for their old home.

The kids—especially Mandy’s daughter—love the new home as they feel more connected to each other there. For Mandy’s part, she feels happier now in her house with her children.

When the teens expressed interest in hanging out at the house, the basement level was redecorated to accommodate their entertaining. “I thought, they’re teenagers, and if they’re going to bring their friends here to hang out, how wonderful is that?”

The key for Mandy and for anyone going through a divorce is to make your space your own. It’s important to establish an environment that makes you happy, whether that’s in the home you shared or in a brand new one! 

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