A Closer Look at Collaborative Law

When a divorce is on the table, every situation and detail can seem overwhelming, and there are a lot of ideas and terms that float around during that time. One of them you might hear is “collaborative law.”

Collaborative law involves both parties sitting down with their lawyers to discuss every aspect of the divorce together, considering and deciding on each element as a team. For couples who are in agreement and prepared to sit down to look at everything together, a collaborative approach is often a smoother, more satisfactory way to resolve the details of the divorce.

The Benefits of Collaboration

Collaboration comes with certain benefits that make it a great choice if it works for your situation. Here are some reasons to consider it:

  • Doesn’t have to involve the court. For a lot of couples, being able to decide with each other what is best without a judge’s decision will result in a more complete, acceptable agreement for both parties.
  • Mutual respect. When both parties come to the table respectfully, the entire divorce proceeding is less stressful, making a difficult situation much easier for everyone involved.
  • Keeping children protected. Collaboration allows for children to be kept away from the discussion and details, making the transition easier for them as well.

Collaborative law doesn’t work in every situation, but for those in which it does work, it can mean a great deal. It does require a measure of compromise and understanding, but a good team can work with each other to come to the right results. 

A good collaborative lawyer will have the insight and the wisdom to look at both sides and provide direction to help result in the best possible outcome for everyone—that’s the ultimate benefit of collaboration. 

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