Movies: portraying divorce and dissolution unrealistically?

In real life, couples may find themselves at a point where they want to end their marriage. Ohio couples can seek a divorce or dissolution - both processes that will result in the termination of marriage. There are a lot of things that can cause a couple to drift apart, but are couples surprised when they realize that they cannot reconcile their marriage?

In an interesting article, one author looks at the way Hollywood portrays divorced couples and questions whether this unrealistic portrayal can give both adults and children a false sense of reality in the midst of a divorce.

Storylines in movies often have couples that fight end up divorced only to be reunited through a series of unexpected events. Often the plots have the couple go through countless marital problems only to have them solved by the end of the movie.

Some believe that these plots can give children false hope in real life, especially if the movie involves children. It can give kids the illusion that a divorce or dissolution can be easily solved with humorous situations or simply forcing their parents to spend time together.

Others do not think that happy endings are harmful to children who are caught in the middle of a divorce in real life. Even if the storyline is unlikely, it can help balance out the disappointment of a separation and can be uplifting.

Ultimately, many couples would agree that reconciliation is an ideal outcome. But in reality, a divorce or dissolution is a logical solution, especially if the couple has grown apart. In these types of situations, couples should speak with someone who understands the dissolution process. It will already be an emotional experience; being advised on how to handle the different issues that can arise will help everyone involved move forward.

Source: ABC News: "In Movies, No Marriage Woes Are Irreconcilable," Jake Coyle, Aug. 9, 2011.

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