Amnesty for Ohio driver licenses suspended in support cases

As we've seen in previous posts, parents who fail to make child support payments on time can face certain penalties. In many instances, the reasons behind the delinquent payments vary - but the outcome is the same. One penalty can be a license suspension.

Drivers in Clinton County, Ohio, who have had their licenses suspended for nonpayment of child support, will have a chance to get their driver's license back. The agency enforcing child support payments is offering an opportunity for a parent to get driving privileges reinstated in an attempt to encourage parents to pay the support.

The amnesty program is being offered by the agency as a part of Child Support Awareness Month. Residents whose driver's licenses are currently suspended for failure to pay child support are eligible to participate.

According to its director, the Clinton County Child Support Enforcement Agency's focus is to help ensure regular support payments for the children that depend on it. About 500 non-custodial parents who are reported as not paying their child support obligation live in Clinton County.

More than a million children in Ohio receive child support paid to the custodial parent. The support money is used to meet both financial and medical obligations on behalf of the children. This helps the custodial parent provide for the children and also instills a sense of responsibility in the non-custodial parent.

Ohio is at the top of the list of states in keeping current with child support collections even though it also has one of the larger caseloads in the country.

Source:  Wilmington News Journal: "Amnesty program offered for driver's license suspensions for non-payment of support," Aug. 2, 2011.

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