Ohio research shows divorce and gaining weight may be connected

There are a number of different ways that divorce can impact those involved. There are many examples of how the end of a marriage can affect children who had to transition from one home to two. There are also many instances where a divorce can significantly change both parties' financial situations.

But a recent study by Ohio State University looks at the effects of marriage and divorce on the body. Interestingly, research is showing that men and women both gain weight after big life changes, but men gain more weight after divorce while women gain the weight after marriage.

This study supports previous studies and has led to speculation as to the causes. While there is no established answer, one researcher posits that married women are unable to spend as much time exercising because they are taking care of household tasks. As for men, a divorce removes that additional help in tasks, possibly leading to weight gain.

Over a period of 20 years, the study followed over 10,000 people going through marriage or divorce. Data was collected by a survey and analyzed to show weight gain or loss in the two years following either a divorce or marriage.

The results of the study also showed that specific demographics were more impacted after a life change. Weight gain was more prominent among those over 30. It is believed that as one ages, big life changes hit harder and are more difficult to recover from. There also seemed to be a correlation between growing older and changes in weight gain.

For couples who are contemplating a divorce or have already begun the process, this research simply raises an interesting discovery. However it could also be one more thing that the couple takes into consideration during a divorce.

Source: USA Today: "Weight gain hits women after marriage, men after divorce,"Health Day, Aug. 23, 2011.

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