Quarter million dollar alimony payment not enough?

For some couples, getting a divorce means a change in lifestyle. Instead of sharing expenses of a home, both spouses have to consider ways that they will support themselves individually. But what if one spouse is not used to working?

For many couples, agreeing on a monthly alimony payment ensures that the spouse who is in a less-than-ideal financial situation can afford food, shelter and other necessities. But figuring out what that amount is can be a source of contention between a previously married husband and wife. One couple that has been in the news lately, Frank and Jamie McCourt, are still disputing how much alimony should be paid.

The McCourts are best known for their bitter divorce and property division dispute regarding who owns the Los Angeles Dodgers. And while a hearing recently determined how the ownership would be distributed between the couple, Frank McCourt is now seeking a spousal support decrease.

Frank McCourt had been ordered by the court to make monthly payments of a quarter-million dollars to his ex-wife as well as make payments on several homes that the couple still owns together. But is that too much?

He believes so and wants the amount decreased to an unknown amount. Jamie McCourt apparently thinks that the amount she has been paid is too little. According to the article, she is seeking nearly $1 million each month in spousal support.

Can Frank McCourt pay this amount? Generally speaking, if one spouse seeks a reduction in spousal support payments, the court will look at the financial situation of both parties to determine if the amount currently being paid is too much or too little.

For Frank McCourt, he wants the court to look at his yearly income and determine how much alimony should be paid from that figure. There is no telling how this spousal support dispute will end. The hearing is scheduled for early next month.

Source: USA Today online, "Dodgers owner seeks lower spousal support payments," Greg Risling, 17 July 2011

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