Ohio parents face license suspension for not paying child support

There are a lot of reasons that a parent may get behind on monthly child support payments. In some situations, the parent may lose their job and unable to make ends meet, misses a payment. Other times, a parent may relocate and in the business forget to make the payment.

Regardless of the reason, when a parent misses making a payment he or she can face penalties. In fact, Ohio parents who have primary custody of a child can take legal action against the parent paying child support to enforce the payments. But what sort of consequences could result?

Often the parent who is delinquent in making payments will find that their driver's license is suspended. Just last year, nearly 200,000 Ohio parents temporarily lost their driving privileges because they did not pay child support.

While the Ohio Department of Public Safety has not provided any numbers on the number of parents this year, there is at least one man who has had his license suspended because he failed to pay child support. The man is a volunteer firefighter in his township and has been actively volunteering for several years.

The license suspension occurred back in March, but the man did not inform his superiors. Just recently the fire chief learned of the suspension and will not allow the man drive any of the equipment until his license is reinstated.

This is not the first time that the man's license has been suspended due to missed child support payments. Two years ago his license was suspended for the same reason. There is no information about the man's financial situation or why he has been unable to pay child support. But his license may remain suspended until he is able to make the payments.

Source: The Chronicle-Telegram online, "Firefighter's license suspended due to child support issues," Cindy Leise, 09 June 2011

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