Celebrities in court: Charlie Sheen battles for child custody

Trouble just does not stop for famous actor Charlie Sheen. Anyone following the news recently has seen news of his tirades after his estranged wife Brooke Mueller was granted a temporary restraining order against him. While Sheen has always been known for his partying lifestyle, recent events seem to have escalated his antics.

Last week, after allegations of threats and assault were made against Sheen, a judge granted a restraining order and as a result, Sheen's two young sons that he shares with Mueller were removed from his home. Though Sheen and Mueller attempted to reach a custody agreement, the two are headed to court after being unable to agree on a plan.

If you recall from an earlier post, Mueller and Sheen separated back in November of last year on account of irreconcilable differences. Once the divorce is finalized, it will be the third divorce for Sheen. The two separated after Sheen was accused of physically assaulting Mueller on a vacation.

Even more recently after his boys were taken from his custody, Sheen has gone on several public rants even targeting the producer of his show. As a result, many are questioning his mental and emotional stability.

Likely driven by the concern that Sheen is on a downward spiral, Mueller does not want Sheen to be alone with the two boys. If she could dictate the custody agreement, a monitor would be present at all times when Sheen is with the children. In addition, Sheen's two live-in girlfriends would not be allowed to act like parents to the kids.

Amidst the custody battle, Sheen has other things to worry about as well. The last few episodes of the popular sitcom he stars in have been canceled. He may also be the focus of a criminal investigation stemming from the threats he made to Mueller.

Source: My Fox: New York online, "No Agreement in Sheen Custody Battle," 07 March 2011

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