Even the little things in a relationship can drive a couple apart

In some instances, married couples choose to separate from their spouse. In Ohio, there are a few ways to make this possible, one of which is dissolution. Dissolution is an option for some couples and can be an affordable and efficient way to reach a solution when a couple decides to legally separate.

But what leads a couple to the point of dissolving a marriage? There are likely a number of things that can change the way two people feel about one another. In addition the decision to separate, get a marriage dissolved or get divorced is not a simple one to make. But is there a certain point in time when couples begin to drift apart?

A recently studied looked at how many couples are finding that the three-year mark is when a relationship can begin to shift. Though the study was administered in the United Kingdom, many of the results could pertain to relationships here in the United States.

According to the study, there are several things that can weaken a romantic relationship including:

  • How the other deals with money and spending
  • Working hours
  • Certain personal hygiene and cleanliness issues
  • Lack of romance
  • Too much time with extended family and/or in-laws

The article also notes that the study suggests that couples in longer-tern relationships grow accustomed to life and the day-to-day activities, as opposed to working on the romance in the relationship. This often leads to couples trying to figure out how to re-spark the passion in the relationship.

Though the reason for dissolving a marriage varies from couple to couple, all are trying to find a solution that is as simple and least frustrating as possible. Any legal separation of a marriage, whether that is divorce or dissolution, is an emotional process for all involved.

Source: Reuters.com, "The 7-year itch is now the 3-year glitch," 09 March 2011

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