NBA star Dwyane Wade's custody battle harming his two children

In the middle of a particularly nasty divorce, issues can be brought up that will only fuel the fire. Spouses may bring up past mistakes and frustration, believing that it will help their own case. But in the midst of the accusations, children are often the ones who suffer the most.

Divorce proceedings are often accompanied by child custody hearings in order to determine which parent will have custody over the kids. These hearings can also become bitter disputes, especially if the parents are fighting for sole custody. Recently basketball star Dwyane Wade and his now ex-wife reached the end of their trial as both fight for sole custody of their two young boys.

The couple originally separated in 2007 and was legally divorced last summer. When the two split, the children went with their mother. Since then, the child custody battle only escalated as both Wade and his ex-wife constantly sued and counter sued one another.

During the custody trial itself, the allegations flowed freely from both sides. Wade's ex-wife was accused of having psychiatric problems, including anger and manipulation. She is also alleged to have alienated the two boys from their father and have used them to punish Wade for divorcing her.

In response, Wade's ex-wife alleges that he is only trying to get back at her by getting sole custody of their children. According to her, he has never really shown an interest in raising the boys until now and that if he were to have sole custody, would not have time to take care of them due to his schedule.

Stepping back from the situation, it seems that Wade and his ex-wife are using the custody battle as a way to get back at each other. But the judge during the closing statements remarked that the children suffer the most as a result of being caught in the middle of their parents' dispute.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times online, "Only truth in Wade custody case: Boys the real victims," Maudlyne Ihejirika, 22 January 2011

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