Child Support Issues Continue to Pop Up Even After Divorce

For many couples, one of the main causes of divorce is finances. Even after the couple chooses to separate, money is still a hot topic as the two will need to determine spousal support, child support, and how to divide up the property.

One major post divorce issue that comes up is the issue of child support. This issue affects both the parents and the children long after the divorce has been finalized. Typically a couple will agree to child support terms during the divorce process. The terms can be changed in the future, especially if one parent's life circumstances change.

A lot of things can come up later in life that affect the terms of a child support agreement. When that occurs, it can be tempting for the parents to argue with one another about how the agreement should or should not be altered. But what the parents should keep in mind is what is in the best interests of the child.

For example, dependent on the support and custody agreement, one parent may have control over decisions regarding education for the child. If that parent chooses to move the child from a public school to a private institution, the cost for that child just increased. The previous support agreement may no longer be adequate.

Often the struggle comes from both sides. The parent who is paying child support may find themselves in a change of circumstances as well. What if they lose their job? Or what if they remarry and find themselves with children from the second marriage? The parent paying child support may no longer be able to financially meet the child support obligations.

There are options for the couple, including child support modification. Ultimately it's important for both parents to remember that getting into arguments and making threats will not help anyone, nor will it get anything done.

Source: Huffington Post online, "Post-Divorce Advice: Child Support," Lee Block, 11 January 2011

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