Man crosses oceans to avoid making child support payments

It is surprising what some people will do in order to avoid paying child support. Typically when a couple gets divorced, if they have children, they have to agree on custody and support terms. Parents will either have joint custody or one parent will become the custodial parent. Then the other parent will pay child support in order to help the custodial parent provide for the child.

In some cases, a parent can request that child support payments be modified to adjust for life changes, such as getting fired from a job or remarrying. But what if the parent just does not make the child support payments? For one man, his attempt to avoid payments brought him all the way to the country of Jordan.

The man divorced from his wife in 1991. His child support payments began at that point and amounted to a couple thousand dollars each month. A few years later, his unpaid child support balance was over $150,000; he still neglected to make any payments. At that point, he disappeared.

Since then, law enforcement has been getting reports on his whereabouts, but had not been able to apprehend him. Because a warrant was out for his arrest, an agent saw him in Jordan. He was stopped when he tried to cross the border and extradited back into the United States.

The man currently owes over $400,000 in back payments for child support. That is more than anyone else in the state where the money is owed. Now, he not only owes the child support from the past 10 years, he could also be convicted of felony nonsupport. That charge carries a sentence of prison time and a hefty fine.

Source: Amarillo Globe-News online, "FBI finds fugitive dad in Jordan," Joe Gamm, 25 January 2011

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