Proposed Bill Would Change Ohio's Child Support Guidelines - P. 2

In our last blog post, we discussed a proposed bill that would bring significant changes to Ohio's child support guidelines. Today, we will continue to discuss the legislation and the effects it will have on child support obligations.

The proposed bill has received its share of criticism already, as we discussed in our previous post. However, the bill has found support from many others. Its proponents argue that the cost of raising a child, which includes health care and education, has skyrocketed since 1992, the last time Ohio's child support guidelines were changed. As the costs of raising a child have increased at a greater rate than inflation, they argue the guidelines must be amended.

While the bill's proponents understand parents' concern about the increase in child support, they point out that the focus should be on the needs of the children. Also, they stress the fact that the proposed bill contains provisions that would assist parents who are living below the poverty line. The provisions seek to ensure that poverty-stricken parents will be able to support themselves before they are required to pay child support.

One of the major components of the bill is its focus on shared custody arrangements. Parents who have custody of their children 40 to 60 percent of the time will be required to pay significantly less child support. The rationale behind this is that parents incur additional expenses when they are in custody of the child.

This will be a welcome change, according to Tracy Armentrout, program administrator for the Ottawa County Child Support Enforcement Agency. Armentrout said guidance from the Legislature on shared custody arrangements would be helpful as they are becoming increasingly common.

Source: ZanesvilleTimesRecorder.com "Bill seeks to revamp Ohio child support guidelines," Jessica Alamo, 29 November 2010

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