4 Valid Reasons to Divorce

Valid reasons to divorce refer to circumstances under which a person can be granted divorce. Each country or state has its own grounds for granting divorce. The person applying for divorce should prove without doubts that the reason is well founded. Below are 4 valid reasons to divorce. 


Divorce can be granted if the person provides sufficient proof that the other person had sexual relations with a third party. Proof for adultery can be presented using documented evidence or any other that shows that the act was committed. Even in religious teachings, adultery is taken as a major reason why two people who are married are allowed to part ways. 


Proof of regular infliction of severe mental or physical suffering or cruelty by one partner on the other is enough ground for divorce. In order for divorce to be granted on ground of cruelty, the filing spouse must show that cruelty has made the marriage intolerable. This must be deliberate and calculated cruelty and should not be provoked by the partner who is filing for divorce. Acts that demonstrate cruelty include physical attacks, false accusations, insults and other recurrent acts that cause some sort of suffering.  

Desertion or abandonment 

If one partner in a marriage abandons the household voluntarily without justification or no intention to return is a sufficient ground for divorce to be granted. The party abandoning the household must also have done that without consent. There are also some incidences whereby refusal to have sexual relations can be considered as abandonment leading to granting of divorce. 

Criminal conviction 

Imprisonment and criminal conviction is sufficient grounds for divorce to be granted. The filing spouse must prove that the other partner has been convicted of a crime. In most cases, the convicted spouse should be sentenced for life for the divorce to be permitted under criminal conviction. 

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