Keeping the Holidays Happy for Families of Divorce - Part One

The holidays are a wonderful, yet stressful time of year. Between the celebrations, shopping and traveling, the holidays can often require a delicate balancing act. For families that have experienced divorce, however, this time of year can prevent extra challenges. Today, we will look at some tips that will allow you, your children and your former spouse to enjoy the season with the least amount of stress possible.

These tips are based on excerpts from a series called "Simply Parenting," by Dr. Mary Ann LoFrumento. The author focuses on getting past your hang-ups surrounding the end of your marriage and focusing on the happiness and well-being of your children.

LoFrumento recommends always putting the interests of the children before your own. Around the holidays, ensuring your children feel happy and secure is of utmost importance. One of the most beneficial things you can give your children this holiday season is time. This includes not only time with you, but equal time with your former spouse as well. Any disagreements between you and your ex about holiday schedules should be worked out privately.

Also, as difficult as it may be, presenting a unified front with your ex whenever possible can be especially beneficial for your children. Refrain from engaging in negative talk about your ex in front of your children. Rather, find ways to show you still care about their other parent. For example, help your children make or pick out a gift for their other parent.

They key to a happy holiday season for children of divorce is to make events special and fun, even if they will not be spent the same as in the past. Take those extra steps to make the season as close to normal as possible. In our next blog post, we will look at a few more tips for creating a happy holiday season for your children.

Source: WPTV "Keeping the 'joy' in the holiday season for families of divorce,"Connie Colla, 15 December 2010

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