Actor Charlie Sheen Files for Third Divorce

The third time was not a charm for popular actor Charlie Sheen. Sheen filed for divorce from his third wife on Monday after a short-lived, drama-filled marriage.

Sheen married real estate investor Brooke Mueller in 2008. The couple has 19-month-old twin boys. TMZ.com reports that Sheen's filing cited irreconcilable differences as his reason for seeking the divorce. He was previously married to Donna Peele and actress Denise Richards.

The divorce is the latest in a string of highly-publicized events in the troubled actor's personal life. Just last week, police responded to a call from the Plaza Hotel in New York stating that Sheen had trashed his hotel room and was engaged in a drunk and incoherent tirade. Several media sources reported that a porn actress was with Sheen in the hotel room at the time of the incident. Sheen was taken to a hospital, and no charges were pressed. Sheen's publicist blamed the episode on an adverse reaction to some medication.

Sheen and Mueller have had a contentious relationship. Last December, Mueller accused Sheen of pulling a knife on her during an argument in Aspen, Colorado, on Christmas Day. Sheen was arrested after the alcohol-fueled altercation. He pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife and was ordered to drug and alcohol rehabilitation and three months of probation. Mueller has also sought treatment. The couple has been living apart following the Christmas incident.

One aspect of Sheen's life that has avoided trouble is his career. As the star of the most-watched television comedy in the United States, "Two and a Half Men," Sheen is thriving professionally. He reportedly earns $1.8 million per episode for his starring role on the popular show.

Source: ABC News "Actor Charlie Sheen Files for Divorce," 1 Nov. 2010

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