Billionaire To Support Child Fathered by Another Man

A billionaire agreed to pay millions in back child support for a girl who is not his biological daughter last week. He will also pay $100,000 a month in child support for the girl.

Ninety-three-year-old billionaire Kirk Kerkorian, a casino mogul who was once the majority shareholder in what is now MGM Resorts International, was led to believe that he fathered a daughter with his ex-wife Lisa Bonder Kerkorian, 45. Bonder Kerkorian, a former tennis pro, was married to Kerkorian in 1999 for only 28 days after the two had been romantically linked for years. Kerkorian is the girl's legal father because the couple married.

Bonder Kerkorian admitted during child support proceedings that she had faked a DNA paternity test using saliva from Kerkorian's adult daughter. She revealed that the girl's father is actually Hollywood producer Stephen Bing.

The settlement requires Kerkorian to pay for the girl's school, housing, food, clothing, entertainment, travel, beauty treatments, pets, parties and equestrian expenses. Kerkorian will pay child support until the girl turns 19 or graduates from high school and is no longer a fulltime student or until she no longer lives with her mother. After that time, Kerkorian's child support payments will be cut in half.

Kerkorian has joint custody of Bonder Kerkorian's twelve-year-old daughter, who lives with her mother. The child is aware that she has two fathers.

The former couple reached this child support settlement after a long and contentious court battle that began in 2002. Although Bonder Kerkorian was originally seeking alimony payments, the settlement does not include alimony.

Source: ABC News "Kerkorian to Pay $10.25 Million in Child Support," Linda Deutschap, 22 October 2010

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