Making an Effective and Stable Visitation Schedule

Having a visitation schedule that works is a major concern during a divorce between parents. Both parents usually aim at getting to spend equal time with the children. Making visitation work best is achieved when the schedule is planned out in prior and each parent knows the expectations. When establishing a visitation plan, the parents should share their major challenges and find resolutions.

A good visitation schedule needs to rotate throughout the year. This ensures the schedule remains stable and reliable. Parents can choose among the many schedules that can work for both of them. Most people try alternating every one or two weeks, which works best for those who stay close to each other. The schedule can also have both parents share a few days each in a week. A schedule should be made considering the children especially their stability during school year. 

Holidays can also be utilized in making visitation work. They help recover for the time lost by any of the parents during school weeks. One of the parents can have more time with the children during holidays. However, if the schedule gives both parent equal time, then holidays can be divided equally. For example, a Christmas holiday can be spent equally with one parent taking the morning hours and the other afternoon hours. A visitation schedule is effective when it works for both parents and the children.

In addition to holidays, visitations for school breaks and vacations can also be considered. This is another way to equally share time between parents. It is not a must to have the same schedule for both summer and school year. Flexibility is important in making visitation work as each parent should have time with the children during vacations.

Co-parenting can also help in making visitation work. With co-parenting, both parents need to establish proper communication and be hard working. An all-inclusive calendar makes co-parenting interesting and fun for both the parents and children.

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