Woman Fakes Pregnancy, Commits Perjury for Child Support

Carmen Lynn Johnsen of Federal Way told the man she was dating she was pregnant with his child in December of 2008. The man began paying Johnsen $700 a month in child support. He paid a total of $3,500 in child support over the course of many months. Johnsen cashed these checks even though she continued to receive negative results on pregnancy tests.

The man eventually questioned Johnsen about the validity of her pregnancy in July of 2009. Soon thereafter, Johnsen sought a protection order from the Superior Court of Washington/Pierce County. Under oath, Johnsen stated that she had been hospitalized due to pregnancy complications. She later testified that she lost the baby in July of 2009. Johnsen pressured the man to pay her medical bills.

Upon investigation, it was determined that Johnsen's treatments were paid for by the Department of Social and Health Services. Also, Medicaid covered her medical expenses. Investigators also discovered letters with a doctor's forged signature concerning Johnsen's medical history.

Further, in December 2009, Johnsen printed an obituary in a local newsletter for her "child" Rebekah Lynn Johnsen, which stated that the baby had died of placental abruption before birth. In January, the newsletter contained information about a memorial service for the baby at St. Vincent de Paul Parish. A pastor at the parish confirmed that Johnsen came to him to plan a funeral service, telling him that she had lost her baby in a car accident and had the body cremated.

In May of 2010, Johnsen admitted to police that she knew she was not pregnant at the time she was receiving payments for child support. She is now charged with forgery, first-degree perjury and first-degree theft.

Source: Seattlepi.com "Federal Way woman accused of faking pregnancy for child support payments" 8/24/10

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