Child custody dispute leads to a court-ordered blog shutdown


It is no secret that the divorce process can draw a number of different emotions from the people involved. Especially with child custody, the dispute can escalate. One particular case has made national headlines after the husband created a blog named "The Psycho Ex Wife".

The man started the blog in late 2007 to share his account of the divorce he'd been going through for four years, which included an exhausting child custody battle. But now a judge has ordered him to shut the blog down.

The blog attracted a lot of readers in similar situations, drawing about 200,000 visitors a month. Readers would share their own stories with each other and commiserate. But one individual who saw the blog was the man's ex-wife.

The raw content of the blog is what drew criticism from the judge. The man's ex-wife was portrayed in a particularly negative light, making crude comments on her personal choices and habits, amongst other things. Although the man thought that the content was anonymous enough to avoid the attention of his ex-wife and sons, the ex-wife disagreed and brought up the issue in court.

The Family Court judge chastised both parents for their behavior, but ordered the blog to be closed because it crossed the line from venting to cruelty.

While the man is concerned that his rights have been violated, others are more concerned about the impact it has on the family. Psychiatrists have said that despite a divorce, having two parents is still important to the welfare of children, and common courtesy between the parents is part of that. Just because parents are no longer together does not mean that they cannot be civil to one another, especially in front of the children.

While a blog lamenting a messy legal battle may be a legitimate way to discuss frustrations, it may not be best for the children involved.

Source: MSNBC: "Dad behind 'Psycho Ex Wife' blog protests its shutdown," Suzanna Choney, Aug. 8, 2011.


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