Maintaining the Right to See Your Child

Divorce or separation is always hard to deal with. The children have to deal with it too. If you follow through with a divorce or become separated from your partner, child rights can be a big challenge to deal with. Nobody wants to lose their rights to their own children. The children usually do not want to lose the right to see both parents. Child rights can be complicated and even if you already have visitation rights, they can still become void in many ways.

Relocation of the Child

If you currently have rights to see your child and the child’s other parent relocates your visitation/parental rights can be lost if not modified. Because of the move, your child’s needs change and so does the visitation or custody agreement. First off, when a child moves out of the state, your visitation or custody rights need to be modified in order to remain effective. A family lawyer can guide you through the process and ensure everything is properly executed.


If you and your partner are planning to file for divorce, you need to make sure that custody, parental, or visitation rights are negotiated into a parenting plan that both parties can accept. You don’t want your rights to be removed due to the divorce process and by negotiating; you can work out a fair plan of action. Your divorce lawyer will handle the process effectively and properly to ensure a seamless transaction before divorce if officially filed.

Addiction Prevention

If you become addicted to alcohol or any type of drug like heroin, cocaine, marijuana, etc.; your rights to your child can be removed by the court. The best plan of action is to stay away from potential addictions. If you are already suffering from an addiction, seek help immediately because your rights to your child are on the line. The best decision is to avoid circumstances that promote those addictions altogether. But if you already suffer from an addiction, it is important to show that you are doing something about it. The family lawyer can help you keep those visitation or custody rights through several avenues like psych evaluations, clinic enrollment, etc.

Obey the Rules

In addition to the issues previously mentioned, the breaking of any rules or laws ordered by the court can revoke parental or visitation rights. If you are the one who broke a rule, you will lose your rights so be careful and follow the law properly. If your former partner breaks any rules, it could affect parental rights for them too, but you must have the capability of earning visitation/parental rights in order to maintain them.

In summary, the law is built to protect the child or children from potential dangers or harm. Laws are also meant to be developing actions for legal and/or mutual agreements to parental, visitation, or custodial rights for children. With that in mind, you want to do everything you can and know as much as you can about maintaining your custodial, parental, or visitation rights for your child or children.

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