The Important Roles Played By A Bankruptcy Attorney

Just like the name suggests, a bankruptcy attorney handles cases related to bankruptcy. A bankruptcy lawyer should ideally have experience in representing clients faced with bankruptcy cases. Below are some of the roles of bankruptcy attorneys:

Consultation. A bankruptcy attorney has the opportunity of assessing your financial situation and discussing some of the debt relief options available. They also seek to understand the financial goals of their clients while having the first consultation meeting.

Handle Creditors. Once you have hired your preferred bankruptcy lawyer, your attorney will basically handle your creditors on your behalf. Some legal professionals also take calls from creditors for their clients.

Preparations/Filing Bankruptcy Petition.Your appointed lawyer has the responsibility of filing the bankruptcy petition, often viewed as a major task. Furthermore, the lawyer will examine the petition prior to filing it with a court that handles bankruptcy cases. This is done to ensure all assets and creditors are all listed while ensuring no mistakes are made.

A bankruptcy lawyer keeps you out of trouble—making any false declarations could easily get you into a lot of trouble. Moreover, hiding money while faced with a bankruptcy case only increases your chances of being for committing fraud thus making your financial situation even worse. A good lawyer can handle your situation professionally and legally without necessarily resorting to falsehoods or fabrications.

Legal Representation. Your bankruptcy lawyer has the responsibility of representing you in a court of law to negotiate with creditors, however; it does not necessarily stop there—your lawyer will still offer his help even after the case is complete.  They often assist clients in complying with terms set for the bankruptcy or safeguarding their clients from creditors who make attempts at collecting discharged debts.

Any small mistakes in a case involving bankruptcy could possibly lead to major problems. For this reason, consult a competent bankruptcy attorney like Ralph A. Kerns in Worthington, Ohio, to handle your case.

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