What are your rights in a custody battle as grandparents?

A Grandparent's rights

It has been said that breakups are ugly, and there truly is some truth to this. When couples go through the ugly legal exercise that is divorce their children are usually the real victims. Kids have no choice as to which parent they're going to be living with. It's not like they can live with their grandparents can they? Well, actually they can. If you're a grandparent and you're close with your grandchildren then you can actually take part in the battle for their custody. However there are prerequisites and certain criteria that need to be fulfilled before the court does award you with the custody of your grandchild/grandchildren.


So what are grandparent’s rights after a custody battle then? One way that you could be awarded for your grandchild's custody is if both the parents are found by the court to be unfit to take care of him or her. However, before the court were to award you with custody there are prerequisites that need to be fulfilled. First would have to be your familiarity with your grandchild. This means that they need to have lived with you for a certain amount of time. The child should also consent with staying with his or her grandparent. If these prerequisites are not followed then you can expect the court to deny you custody. But even though this might be the case, there are still some scenarios where you can gain custody of your grandchild.

What else should you know?

If you're the only capable next of kin that has the financial and emotional clout to provide a normal life for the child then the court should see no reason to deny you the privilege of being the child's guardian. This usually happens when both of the child's parents meet an early demise. It's always important for one to know their rights. Not having any knowledge of the law is not an excuse to give what's best for your grandkids. This is one reason why people need to be more aware of what the grandparent’s rights are after a custody battle. One way of showing responsibility of your child's mistakes is by taking care of their own children.

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