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4997 101413 gs4997A growing trend has shown that the majority of successful attorneys have reached the highest levels of success in the courtroom by utilizing several factors. These factors, according to different attorneys, are not acquired in a single court hearing but developed and nurtured slowly until they become part of an attorney’s character.

Whenever a lawyer is in the courtroom, he or she is expected to have the knowledge on how to deal with the opponent’s lawyer, as well as the judge. Nevertheless, your behavior also plays a huge role in the results achieved.

Always Stay Informed

For lawyers, they must stay updated with what is going on in your case in order to stand out amongst the rest and to utilize other cases to benefit yours. For instance, a bankruptcy lawyer must know where your case stands and be able to apply previous, similar case scenarios to your particular situation, in order to have the upper hand in court.

In your particular situation, you must also stay informed and communicate regularly with your lawyer. Attending a court date blindly and assuming your lawyer will handle it all is the worst mistake you can make. You must know where you stand and know the elements of the case in order to be prepared at all times.

Keep Yourself Well Groomed

A professional appearance is not only important for lawyers in order to maintain a level of respect and seriousness, but also for you. Showing up in court in a pair of new blue jeans does not create that sense of seriousness that the judge wants to see, nor does it create a sense of responsibility that can provide forgiveness or more lenient outcomes. A suit is always the best route to go, but at the least; consider casual dress attire like a polo shirt and khakis. A t-shirt is definitely not the way to go.

You should also maintain a clean appearance when in court. Keep that head of yours looking fresh, cleaned, and combed. This will also show a sense of responsibility and seriousness. Maintain a well-manicured beard and/or mustache as well if you opt to have one or the other.

Maintain Calmness

It’s always important to show calmness in court whenever your opponent is raising their arguments or presenting statements to the judge. Never interrupt as that is a sign of disrespect and can also make you look guilty even if you are not. Let the other side raise their concerns without interjecting. After they finish, you and/or your attorney will be granted a chance to speak your part. Attorneys always maintain calmness and respect in the courtroom. You should too.

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