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Determining Child Support in a Divorce

Child support issues can have a profound effect on both children and parents. So, when a child support issue affects your future, it is best to work with an experienced attorney. At the Worthington, Ohio, offices of Ralph A Kerns, we use 30 years of legal experience to help parents achieve the best possible results in matters of Ohio child support.

Determining Child Support in a Divorce

Attorney Ralph Kerns can help couples negotiate fair child support payments under the Ohio child support guidelines at the time of their divorce. Due to recent changes in Ohio law, this determination can be complex. It is best done with the aid of an experienced attorney.

Our law firm also assists parents with a wide range of issues related to child support:

  • Modification: The law recognizes that circumstances change. If a parent loses a job or has a substantial increase in income, we can seek to increase or reduce the child support payment.
  • Paternity: If a child’s parents were never married, our law firm can help establish parental rights and payment obligations through DNA testing to determine paternity. In the alternative, if paternity is an issue, that same experience could be put to work resolving the question of paternity and perhaps terminating a child support obligation.
  • Enforcement: We can take legal action to enforce child support payments or get a court order to ensure those who are making payments have the right to visit their child.
  • Repayment: If you have not been making required child support payments and are arrested, your driver’s license may be revoked. We can help you negotiate a repayment plan with the child support enforcement agency in order to get your license back and deal with other legal consequences.

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