Dissolution of a Marriage Columbus, Ohio

How does Dissolution Of a Marriage work in Ohio?

Dissolution of a marriage Columbus, Ohio Dissolution can be a convenient, affordable and effective solution for some couples wishing to end their marriage in Ohio. At the Worthington law office of Ralph A Kerns, we guide couples through the dissolution process. Our goal is to help them focus on a new path forward out of the legal conflict they are experiencing.

Dissolution of Marriage in Ohio

While the issues involved in a divorce can take up to two years to resolve in Ohio, dissolution happens much more rapidly. When couples know that their marriage is over and they are ready to move forward, dissolution simply makes sense.

In Ohio, dissolution of a marriage is an effective tool when both spouses can agree to the terms of the divorce, including how the assets and debts will be distributed, and how child custody, support and visitation will be handled. When the spouses can work out these arrangements on their own, only one party needs to hire an attorney to write up the final papers.

The dissolution agreement can be very complex. It must cover the same topics addressed in a divorce, including division of retirement assets, creation of a shared parenting plan allocating parenting time and assignment of a child support obligation or alimony.

If you need special protections put in place to keep a spouse from taking advantage of your situation, you may be better served by a divorce. In a divorce, restraining orders and other protections are available that are not available in a dissolution.

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