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Division of property and debt in divorce - what does it involve?

Division pf Property Columbus, OhioOne of the most stressful and complicated aspects of a divorce is the issue of property division and debt allocation. As one of the biggest components of a divorce proceeding, it can also be the most contentious. At the Worthington, Ohio, office of Ralph A Kerns, we are here to help families through this process by compassionate counseling and aggressive representation.

Our firm is committed to helping our clients receive fair and just settlements. For over 30 years, attorney Ralph A. Kerns has been involved in all types of family law matters. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of divorce actions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation if you have a property division matter that is part of your divorce case.

There are many components of property division and debt allocation. Our firm has experience helping families divide all types of assets, including:

  • Marital home
  • Real property such as furniture, jewelry, artwork, cars
  • Income earned by spouses on property acquired during the marriage
  • Retirement accounts

We work with the proper appraisers to value each asset and then help negotiate the property division for each possession that is deemed marital property. We will also be thorough in examining what assets are not marital property and should be considered separate for the purposes of settlement.

Another important issue in settling a divorce matter is the allocation of debt. Our lawyers are skilled at counseling clients when it comes to bankruptcy as a means to nullify debt accumulated during a marriage. We can also help you with foreclosure proceedings of a marital home as well as dividing up credit card debt and other bills that might have been amassed on joint accounts. Debt division can be valued based on a variety of factors and we will be sure to evaluate every option and counsel you accordingly.

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For more information, please visit our divorce FAQ page.

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