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What Does a Divorce Lawyer Do?

A divorce lawyer is trained in state laws that govern divorces, families, custody, spousal support, division of property and debt, and everything that factors into a divorce. A good divorce lawyer is more than someone trained in law—a good divorce lawyer knows how to apply that knowledge to your particular situation.

More importantly, a good attorney seeks to support you through the sometimes lengthy and difficult process and guides you through the legal steps to help you have the best possible outcome. This is the kind of divorce lawyer you will work with at Kerns & Sims.

The Right Kind of Divorce Lawyer

Our attorneys come to the table with your needs in mind and a commitment to help you see your divorce through to finality. When you have the assistance of our attorneys, you can expect:

-Understanding and support
-Attention to detail
-Knowledge of divorce laws

A good divorce lawyer can look ahead to how different decisions will effect the outcome of your divorce, and help guide you to what you want from the process.

The right kind of divorce lawyer also fights for the things to which you are entitled as you determine the terms of your divorce. You should have the assurance that when your divorce is final, you have gotten everything you deserve.

The Divorce Lawyer Serving You

Sometimes, divorces aren’t a struggle. When both spouses agree to an amicable split, a dissolution might be the better choice, and we will help you determine how to follow through. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s not possible, and when you are confused are frustrated by your divorce, a divorce lawyer is your greatest asset.

When you need a divorce lawyer, the attorneys at Kerns & Sims want to help. Having served the Columbus, Ohio area for over 30 years, we have the professional experience and personal touch to see you through the process.


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