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Don’t Just Wonder: Ask Kerns & Sims About Divorce Law

If you are in the process of seeking a divorce, the waters can be murky. Divorce law is sometimes complicated and overwhelming, especially when you are already in the emotional and financial struggle of a divorce.

Keeping up with every detail of your divorce can be a fight, but that’s where the well-qualified attorneys at Kerns & Sims step in to support and guide you through the process.

How We Can Help

Not only do our attorneys know the details of divorce law, they have the experience to foresee obstacles and opportunities that will inevitably appear during your divorce process.

When considering your divorce and Ohio divorce law, there are several factors and circumstances that can be used to get to you the best possible outcome. These include:

-Children, custody, and child support concerns
-Financial concerns like division of property, debt, bankruptcy, and alimony/spousal support
-Circumstances that may give a spouse an advantage
-Reason for the divorce (legal grounds)

When you consider all of the factors, there are many things to juggle. Our experience can guide you through each of these legal considerations until your divorce is final.

What is The Difference?

The attorneys at Kerns & Sims want more than to finalize your divorce—they want to make sure you get everything you deserve and do this through:

-Respect and support
-Commitment to fighting for the rights of everything to which you’re entitled
-Dedication to each client
-Detailed knowledge of divorce law

You are more than a case file in our Worthington office—you are a person in the midst of a legal battle, deserving of every consideration we can offer

Whether you are looking for legal separation, divorce, or dissolution, handling the termination of a marriage is not something we take lightly. We are here to help.

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Divorce Law

Whether you are looking for legal separation, divorce, or dissolution, we are here to help.

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