Retirement Account Division Columbus, Ohio

Retirement Account Division Attorney Columbus, Ohio

Retirement Account Division Columbus, Ohio In the last few years, litigation of retirement accounts in Ohio divorces has changed. In the past, divorcing couples did not always divide certain retirement accounts. However, new Ohio statutes have been created establishing QDROs — qualified domestic relations orders that divide retirement accounts and pension plans more fairly, so that divorcing spouses can manage retirement issues at the time of divorce — not years later when they plan to retire.

This means that the finances you depend on for support in your future can be put in your control today. And, it means that the worry over what might happen in the future is reduced so you can live comfortably in the present. At the Worthington, Ohio, office of Ralph A Kerns, we can make this happen for our clients.

"Our goal is to protect our clients from becoming emotionally and financially exhausted." — Ralph A Kerns

What is a QDRO?

A QDRO is a qualified domestic relations order. The order recognizes the right of a spouse to receive all or a portion of the retirement benefits accumulated during the marriage — even if the pension plan had been in the other spouse's name.

Changes in case law are also making similar strides in correcting division of social security benefits. While this area of law is constantly changing, attorney Ralph A. Kerns continues to advocate for his clients, achieving the best possible results.

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